Infection Prevention & Control

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Why you should be concerned about touching any washroom door handle?

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Washroom door handles are a focal point for the accumulation of harmful fecal based bacteria, causing the spread of infections such as E-coli, Staphylococcus, Aurea’s, as well as fungal and viral infections such as the Flu virus or Norovirus (winter vomiting bug). Washing your hands regularly is the single most important intervention you can do […]

Hospital Acquired Infection from untreated door handles in healthcare and care home environments.

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With costs spiralling and close to 250,000 deaths per year in the USA and Europe, from Nosocomial or HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections), they remain a major problem confronting all health care facilities.
According to the US based “Journal of the Hospital Infection Society” The proportion of nosocomial infections potentially preventable under routine working conditions remains unclear but […]

What Bacteria is on the door handle

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The most bacteria-laden spots in public places are usually the ones that come in direct contact with human beings. When most people think of places where bacteria congregate, they think of money, phones, keyboards and door handles. Door handles, in home and in public, are the most commonly touched surfaces, and bacteria can easily be […]

Why we need “Door Handle Sanitizers”

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Door Handle Sanitizers
In every possible setting, the home, public buildings, schools, offices, restaurants, cruise ships and health care facilities, when we talk about good hygiene practices and/or infection control we cannot ignore Door Handles and there role in the spread of germs.
Door handles are the most commonly touched surface in any building and as such […]