Clever Hygiene Solutions are delighted to be able to offer a freestanding touch-free hand sanitiser unit, in addition to the very popular and proven (non-alcohol based) door handle hygiene sanitiser system.

These units can accommodate up to 30 litres of non-alcohol based hand sanitiser and can either be battery operated or directly plugged into power source. The 30 Litre refill is fitted by hand trolley for ease of fitting.

The freestanding hand sanitiser unit can also be wall mounted. They can be placed wherever is most convenient to the client and can be branded to meet the clients’ corporate requirements. Below are a few visual examples of how these units can be tailor designed.

There is no limitation to where these can be located, whether it be a hospital, school, office, hotel, retail or even transportation and in conjunction with our door handle sanitiser, Hygiene Solutions can provide further assurance and protection for everyone.

Hygiene Solutions would be delighted to provide a visual image should you wish to see how the freestanding unit might appear when branded with your corporate logo

If you wish to see the branded hand sanitiser unit in the context of your office, school, hotel, hospital or any other location, do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss the matter further.


The uniqueness of this device is that it is a simple mechanical operation and does not require power or any external source to run. It is an involuntary action (cannot be stopped) with energy created by the closing motion of the door delivering, (through an atomizer) tiny particles of sanitiser onto the contact surface area of most types of door handles as well as a small amount onto the persons hand leaving the handle safer for users to touch.

Handle Hygiene offers a simple and effective means to deliver a pulse of disinfectant to the handle each time the door closes, after each time the handle is re-contaminated.

The model is 220mm H x 120mm W x 31mm D and weighs approximately 420g/14 ounces without the sanitiser fluid. It can be easily and quickly installed on-site either by our own team or by the facilities in-house team, in most cases using double sided tape so as not to breach regulations that may impact on the fire rating of doors.

The sanitiser bottle is easily installed inside the case and replaced once empty without any need to unscrew or dismantle the unit so there is no maintenance required on either the unit or the sanitiser bottle and therefore no additional workload will be required by on-site staff.

As the refill cartridge is a consumable product and acknowledging the recent upsurge in the campaign for climate change awareness and the impact of plastics on the environment, Clever Hygiene Solutions Ltd purposely chose as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to make our device including the sanitiser cartridge recyclable.

Handle Hygiene offers a simple and effective means to deliver a pulse of disinfectant to the handle each time the door closes, after each time the handle is re-contaminated.


• Uses a simple atomising pump – No harmful aerosols, which can cause damage to the human respiratory system,

• No alcohol on the door which is regarded as a fire Hazard

• Operates automatically – guaranteed to work each time the door is used, involuntary action therefore not reliant on human effort, resulting in extreme effectiveness

• Extremely cost effective – operates when required, and only when required. If door is used 100 times a day, it works 100 times a day, if the door is used once a day, it only works once a day.

• Self-financing – If it only prevents cross contamination by one case per year, it more than pays for itself, by reducing, sick leave from the workplace, food poisoning in a restaurant, hospital acquired infection, etc.

• Highly visible hygiene statement – demonstrates the owner or management’s commitment to the provision of a clean and safe environment for staff, clients and visitors alike. 

• Prevention is always better than cure – toilet doors in any location where there are multi-use facilities, are a well-documented source of cross contamination, with germs like the common cold and the flu virus capable of surviving on them for several days.

• Passive spread of sanitising fluid – While the purpose of the mechanism is primarily to ensure that the door handle is safe to touch, an added advantage is that people who touch the handle are guaranteed to get traces of the sanitising fluid onto their hands that they would not otherwise have

• Low maintenance – The simplicity of the product makes it very easy to install, and ensures that no maintenance is required, you simply change the cartridge.


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