Based on a vision to eradicate germs

Hygiene Solutions was formed with a vision to eliminate germs and cross contamination from door handles.

The company has perfected a clinically proven, safe and effective door handle sanitiser.

Unlike many other handle cleaners or handle coatings, the Handle Hygiene door handle sanitising device works every time the door is used. Therefore, it leaves the door handle clean for the next person to use.


The original idea was conceived when one of the founders, Brian Cunningham’s own father, contracted MRSA while in hospital.

At this time, there was an outbreak of Norovirus and all visitors were restricted.

Brian observed that the only common contact point for everyone in the hospital was the door handles.

When he started to swab test and analyse the handles, his suspicions were confirmed. Most of the tests, then and now, reveal that the colony count (that should be below 5 colonies per square centimetre) were in most cases TMTC (to many to count). It was a problem that was not so easy to solve.

Determination and innovation solved the problem! Following numerous models and prototypes Hygiene Solutions developed the Door Handle sanitising device (Handle Hygiene) from its original concept to the present model, which is smaller, lighter and most importantly more efficient without compromising the quality, standard or performance. Several years of R&D have resulted in the unit being reduced about 80% smaller than the original and now delivers an estimated 4,000 uses.

Its purpose is to prevent door handles and especially toilet / washroom door handles from being a source of cross contamination, frequent and commonly used door handles are known to harbour a wide range of microbial growth, our device when used in conjunction with a suitable hospital approved disinfectant, destroys this growth helping prevent cross contamination.


This is an Irish operation, with the office based in Ranelagh in Dublin, the device and the sanitiser bottles manufactured in a ‘state of art’ facility, A J Plastics in County Clare.


Some of the people we have installed Handle Hygiene units for are:


What our customers say:

“By using the Handle Hygiene system, our hospital is reducing the risk of contamination of door handles and subsequently hands, thereby protecting the patients and healthcare workers.

The introduction of the Handle Hygiene system is an exciting new infection prevention and control initiative and supports our program for reducing healthcare associated infections.”

Beacon Hospital

Lenora Leonard

Infection Prevention & Control Manager

“We have introduced the Handle Hygiene system in a number of strategic locations throughout the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

Given the results of the tests carried out on the door handles within our hospital, I would recommend the use of the Handle Hygiene Sanitizing System in any premises where hygiene is paramount.”

Royal Victoria

Danny Dunne


“We have been using the Handle Hygiene System in one of our Nursing Homes for the last six months and we are now intending to install the devices in all of our facilities.

The device is very neat and unobtrusive and the fine spray that comes from the device is virtually invisible to the users.  But the most important outcome is improved hand hygiene.”

Harvey Healthcare

Seamus Brady



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