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O’Dwyers of Kilmacud, St Patrick’s National School, Trim. Little Haven Education Centre, Biokon Medical Centre.


Beacon Hospital

Testimonial for using the Door Handle Sanitising System – Beacon Hospital Door handles are frequently touched by hands which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses particularly in areas such as bathrooms. This leads the door handle to act as a reservoir for infections. By using the Handle Hygiene system, the hospital is reducing the risk of contamination of door handles and subsequently hands, thereby protecting the patients and healthcare workers. The design of the Handle Hygiene is simple where the disinfectant is released automatically onto the door handle once the door is closed (without the use of batteries or power supply), ensuring a clean handle for the next person. The Handle Hygiene was introduced to our staff at World Hand Hygiene Day in May 2015 and received a very positive response from staff. The introduction of the Handle Hygiene system is an exciting new infection prevention and control initiative and supports our program for reducing healthcare associated infections.

Lenora Leonard RGN, RCN, ENB, HDip, MSc. Infection Prevention & Control Manager, Infection Prevention & Control Department, Beacon Hospital, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

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At the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, we appreciate the importance of good hygiene and in our efforts to achieve the highest possible standards, we consider it important to evaluate the efficacy of innovative hygiene products that are presented to us from time to time. It was with this in mind, that we decided to test the Handle Hygiene Sanitizing System, a simple mechanical mechanism that operates with the opening / closing of the door and atomizes a light mist of sanitizing fluid onto the door handle, killing germs and reducing the risk of cross contamination, especially onto clean hands, the bedrock of good hygiene. The test results and the positive feedback from staff, patients and visitors alike, ensured we proceeded further and we have subsequently introduced the system in a number of strategic locations throughout the hospital. Given the results of the tests carried out on the door handles within our Hospital, I would recommend the use of the Handle Hygiene Sanitizing System in all Heath Care facilities or indeed in any premises where hygiene is paramount.

Danny Dunne C.E.O Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Adelaide Road. Dublin 2.

harvey healthcare

To who it may concern We have been using the Handle Hygiene System in one of our Nursing Homes for the last six months and we are now intending to install the devices in all of our facilities. The system was introduced to me by Maurice McDonagh on a trial basis early in 2015. I had some reservations about the product at the start in regards to the size of the device and concerns about spillage or damage that the cleaning agent could cause to the woodwork or ironmongery. Soon after the devices were installed my concerns were addressed in that the device is very neat and unobtrusive and the fine spray that comes from the device is virtually invisible. There has not been any damage or discolouration. The most important outcome is improved hand hygiene. We have provided a lot of training for staff in hand hygiene but there are many other users of our door handles and now we are able to ensure that this risk of infection is reduced significantly in an effective and efficient manner.

Seamus Brady Director – Harvey Healthcare