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How long does hand sanitiser last

Whether you are using spraying hand sanitiser or other types of sanitiser, it’s important to know how much it will last and if there is any expiration date.

Some people believe that hand sanitiser will last forever, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, every hand sanitiser package has the expiration date inscribed on it. Usually, you will have it printed either at the top or sometimes it can be in the back. 

Every hand sanitiser is regulated by the FDA, so it needs to have a lot number and an expiration date. Why is the lot number necessary? This way you know where the sanitiser comes from, and you can identify if any other hand sanitisers from the lot have the same issues.

These things are required by law, which is why you want to check the packaging to ensure everything is ok.

How much time will the hand sanitiser last?

More often than not, the spraying hand sanitiser and all types of hand sanitiser in general will last anywhere from 2 to 3 years. The ingredients, storage options and other similar things are definitely something to keep in mind, so use that to your own advantage if possible.

It’s important to check the packaging, since it will show you the expiration date and all the other information you need to know.

Can you use spraying hand sanitiser past its expiration date?

The reality is that hand sanitiser can actually be used past the expiration date, but there are some challenges. The active ingredient is alcohol, so it does have quite a bit of efficiency. With that being said, the concentration goes below the original percentage. That means it can be inefficient, and that alone has its fair share of problems.

With that being said, it’s ideal to replace the hand sanitiser past the expiration date, just so you can stay away from any issues in the long run.

Why does hand sanitiser expire?

The main reason behind hand sanitiser expiring is that the active ingredient is alcohol. This liquid is very volatile, especially when it’s exposed to air.

Granted, the packaging has some protection, but it’s not airtight, so it does end up being less efficient. That’s certainly something to take into consideration as much as you can. 

Should you wash your hands or use hand sanitiser?

Both of them have the same efficiency. You can use hand sanitiser when you are on the road or in a location where there’s no direct access to water. It helps a lot, and the experience can be a lot better if you protect yourself this way.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to check the hand sanitiser packaging and ensure that there are no problem. It certainly helps quite a bit, and it pushes the experience to the next level.

You always want to stay safe and away from problems, so relying on good hand sanitiser solutions can actually come in handy. That’s why you want to have some hand sanitiser with you, since it protects you against bacteria, and results can be a whole lot better.