Branded Hand Sanitiser Units


Freestanding and touch-free

These stand-alone hand sanitiser units can be placed wherever is most convenient to the client. The units can also be wall-mounted.

Low maintenance

Can accommodate up to 30 litres of hand sanitiser, and can either be battery operated or directly plugged. The 30 litre refill is fitted by hand trolley for ease of fitting.

With your own brand

The units can be branded to meet the clients’ corporate requirements and adapted to its particular mounting requirements

Rental from €1.50 per day

Branded Hand Sanitiser Units

Hygiene Solutions would be delighted to provide a visual image should you wish to see how the freestanding unit might appear when branded with your corporate logo.

30 litres capacity
Up to 40.000 uses

  • Non-alcohol based hand sanitiser
  • Battery or mains power
  • Low maintenance
  • Remotely monitored
  • Touch-free using a sensor control
  • Alerts when running low
  • Usage data can be added
  • Alcohol-based sanitiser available
freestand sanitiser unit basic

The hand sanitiser is

The most economical and cost-effective hand sanitising system available

Want to see how the unit will look like in your business?

Please send us a request and your logo image file, and we will provide you with a digital sample of your brand on our units