NEWS....Indisputable evidence proving the efficacy of the Handle Hygiene door handle sanitising system in a public hospital.

We are all faced with an unprecedented threat

“We are all faced with an unprecedented threat from this virus and anything that helps save lives by slowing down the spread of this virus needs to be deployed. This product can play a major role in helping all concerned agencies and bodies involved in the fight against the Covid-19 virus to flatten the curve.”  

“We believe this simple but very effective system, that automatically disinfects door handles each time they are used, has a significant role to play in reducing the impact that contaminated door handles play in the spread of disease and viruses such as Covid-19.

“The great advantage of our system is that it is automatic. It is something that is activated as the door is used. The impact of washing your hands can be undone if immediately afterwards you touch a contaminated door handle. Clean door handles are essential, as they keep clean hands clean. This device is designed to support well-established international hand hygiene best practices of washing and gelling your hands correctly.”

Brian Cunningham, CEO of Clever Hygiene Solutions Ltd.

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